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COGST Office:
Mon-Fri 10-2pm 
0141 287 5447
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The COGST is managed by a Management Committee which comprises four Office Bearers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and a number of Committee members.

Committee meetings are rotated between Tollcross and Scotstoun Leisure Centres.

The Annual General Meeting is held in June of each year.

The current parents/members on the committee are as follows:

Office Bearers

President:  Karen Gray 
Vice President:  Marjorie Phillips  
 Carol Lenaghan
Treasurer: Fiona Wade

Committee Members

Linda Walsh
Pearl Punshon
Paul Iheagwaram
Gillian Bryce
Kirsteen O'Donnell
Alieda McKinney
Caroline McKiernan
Carol Davidson
Fiona Mason
Gerry Lawlor

Ex-Officio Committee Members

Ian Wright (Lead Coach)
Cathie Robertson (Club Administrator)

  • amckinneyAlieda McKinney
  • clenaghanCarol Lenaghan
  • cmckeirnanCaroline McKeirnan
  • gbryceGillian Bryce
  • kgrayKaren Gray
  • kodonnelKirsteen O'Donnell
  • lindawLinda Walsh
  • mphillipsMarjorie Phillips
  • pearlpPearl Punshon
  • zCathie_RobertsonCathie Robertson

In addition to the committee, there are a number of other volunteers who carry out essential tasks which help in running the club:

Entry Secretaries

Allison Shanahan
Marjorie Phillips
Paul Iheagwaram

Child Protection

Marjorie Phillips
Carol Lenaghan

Meet Management

Jim McInnes
Matthew Jones


John Phillips

STO and Team Manager Organiser

Marjorie Phillips