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Getting Started

Our new website has changed quite a bit from the old one.

This document is here to try to help you to understand how to get the best out of your membership. How to do some things and just generally make life a bit easier.

Navigating the site is now much easier. First we will look at the layout of the web pages, these have a standard format and should all be similar in appearance.


Along the top of the screen, working down, we have a header area with the club logo, a scrolling list of latest news items and a random photograph.


Below that we have a menu bar split into sections.


N.B Additional menus appear when you are logged in.

Below this we have a pathway or breadcrumb trail. This lets you know where you are within the site, i.e. which section etc. You can use this as a quick navigation tool to go up a level, or back to the home page.


Below this, the screen is split into two areas.

On the left is where main content appears e.g. the actual web pages.


On the home page only, there is also an additional area before the page content which shows the latest updates to the site so you can quickly see new items and go directly to them.


On the right is another navigation area. This will change depending on which page you are on, but will always have a search form and is again designed to help you find things more easily. At the top of the column there are three buttons with different sized A's. Clicking on these will change the size of font used to make it easier to read some pages.


At the bottom of the screen is a footer just giving copyright info etc. 

Special Features for Registered users

The following features can make your use of the site much easier and more fun..


When you register, you can enter some information about yourself, i.e. which squad you are in, where you train etc. You can also upload a photograph of yourself if you wish! (or any picture you like.)


You can also enter your swimmers times database password into your profile(which is different from your personal password) This will automatically show your times when you go to that section and you won't need to enter it every time.


You will automatically  be given access to the forum. This allows you to join in discussions or start new ones. The forum also allows some additional information to be entered about yourself, e.g your msn or aol name etc. This information is only visible to other members.



You can comment on any article on the website using the links at the end of each article, so if you spot anything that is wrong you can point it out.


Or if you find an article useful, or you want to contribute something, just add it.. These comments will create a new forum entry or add to an existing entry. You can see all comments on articles by browsing the forum.

Document Library 

There is also a special section in the document library which has  information that is only available to members e.g. committee minutes.